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MENÜ “Poise of Steelyard: Balances, Weights, Measuring Devices”

“Poise of Steelyard: Balances, Weights, Measuring Devices”

This time, Tofaş Museum of Cars and Anatolian Carriages invites history and culture lovers to the “Poise of Steelyard” exhibition. The history of the weight scale goes back to 5000 BC. It is not only an instrument that changed the world and financial landscape, but also, because it has been associated with justice, balance and precision, it became a symbol inspiring philosophy, science and art. The exhibition includes the ardently gathered collection of objects, generously gifted to our cultural life by architect A. Naim Arnas. This way, it is possible to witness the impact of scales on our lives in the kitchen, in economy, in science and in culture.