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MENÜ Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles

At our Museum, 10 motor vehicles are displayed. .

Motor Vehicles Vehicle Murat 124 produced by Tofaş in 1971 (Chassis No 1)

Motor Vehicles First Murat 131 produced by Tofaş in 1977

Motor Vehicles 1983 Model Murat 131 Kartal

Motor Vehicles 1994 model Tempra, the 1 millionth vehicle produced by Tofaş

Motor Vehicles 1999 model finally produced Tipo

Motor Vehicles 2000 model finally produced Uno

Motor Vehicles 2004 model Palio Go, the 2 millionth vehicle produced by Tofaş

Motor Vehicles In the Turkish Automobile history, among light commercial vehicles produced for three great brands comprising of Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen in the Tofaş Turkish Automobile Factory within the framework of the Mini Cargo Project, the vehicle introduced as Fiorino for Fiat, is first time displayed on a rotating platform.

Motor Vehicles The Fiat Palio model vehicle used in national and international rally championships by Fiat Motor sports between 2003 and 2008, having 208 hp 1,600 cc 20 kg-m torque characteristics, brought successes to motor sport teams domestically.

Motor Vehicles The 4x4 vehicle developed as a Tofaş specific project for Dakar Rally in 2002 is equipped with 300 hp and 3 l engine volume and 450 l fuel tank.